Tsukuba CPR2 page

Generic Info on CPR2

Original proposal : CDF note 5519 (local postscript)
Run-IIb TDR (April 2002 version) CPR2 chapter only (local postscript) - Sep 2002 version (local postscript)
CDF Run-IIb upgrade page (public)
CDF Run-IIb upgrade page (internal)

CDF Run-II calorimeter FE electronics (CDF 3762)

Tube Info

Hamamatsu catalog for MAPMT's (pdf files) :
H6568 (16 ch) - Real size of the anode pixels (Aug 30, 2002)
H7546 (64 ch)

Tube Orders and Data Sheets from Hamamatsu

Changes Considered toward Production Tubes

Tests performed at Tsukuba

Photo Gallery

Link to Hamamatsu Photonics pages in Japan and US.
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