TOF PMT (R5946MOD = R7761) pictures

Tubes sent to Penn. page 01 page 01 page 01 page 01 page 01
Cosmic ray setup. page 01 page 01 Tubes in bubble wrap are the fine-mesh tubes. The other two are H1161 tubes for triggers. See CDF 4980, Fig 15.

Tests with a nitrogen laser and the Ushiwaka magnet. June 1999.

Detachable base/socket for testing. Made by Hamamatsu.

More pictures, a sliding table for multiple-tube tests .

See also K. Sato's photo page.

TOF guys working in the US.

page 01 page 02 Installing the TOF counters.

page 01 Putting the conformal coating to the base after gluing the lastic thing to the PMT.

page 01 page 01 page 01
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