44 tubes ordered in June 1999.

For the first 9 tubes delivered on July 1.

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The next 6 tubes, delivered on August 4.

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The next 9 tubes, delivered on September 1.

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The next 20 tubes, delivered on September 6.

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The order fulfilled, all tubes have been delivered.

One-page summary of B-field tests of these tubes.
And plots .

Six tubes (ZH5128 thru ZH5139) were brought to US by hand in July 1999. Most of the rest of the tubes (34) were shipped from Tsukuba to FNAL on Nov 5, 1999, and subsequently to Penn for assembly as of Dec 1999. Thus, 40 tubes have been sent to the US; the four tubes are kept at Tsukuba as "reference" tubes.

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