ATLAS SCT (Semiconductor Tracker)

SPICE simulation: 1E6 mip/pulse plot
SPICE simulation: 1E7 mip/pulse plot
SPICE simulation: 1E8 mip/pulse plot
Hot spot system manuals: PDF, DOC,
Module Testing with Nd:YAG Laser (PDF), (PPT), SCT week 2003 Dec 03
Laser System for Testing SCT Modules (PDF), JPS Miyazaki 2003
Characteristics of Irradiated Silicon Microstrip Detectors with 100 and 111 Substrates, Hiroshima STD Symposium, 2000 (PDF)
Radiation Damage Studies of Silicon Microstrip Sensors (PDF)
IEEE Trans on NS, 47-6 (2000) 1885-1891 (IEEE99 Symposium, Seattle USA).
Quality of Production Sensors
Precision Module Assembly
QA Test Plan at Production
Laser Scan for Overall Performance Evaluation
Si Irradiation Studies
Kapton Hybrid Testing

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